The Killer In the Backseat

The Killer in the Bckseat is an urban legend about a drunken woman who was saved by a stranger and tells that a man with a butcher knife is in her backseat of the car.


The story first started when a woman drunk went in her car and drove to the road to her home. The streets were nowhere but the woman was terrified when another car behind her was flicking its headlight on and off and it was honking its horn. The other car was following her until she got home. The woman got out of her car and made a dash in her house but before she did that, the stranger warned her about a man with a butcher knife hiding in her backseat. The stranger was only flicking his lights because he saw a shadow of the killer. When the stranger kept the lights open and kept honking his horns the figure crouched down.

Origins And OthersEdit

This urban legend is the most popular of all urban legends. It is unknown who made this story.

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