Pen tapping - Apologize (cover)01:26

Pen tapping - Apologize (cover)


Pen Tapping


Pen tapping is one of the Pentrix. It shows that you will need a ballpen and tap it on the desk which serves as the rythm of any song.


Basic steps are meant to learn in pen tapping. Numbers are shown..

1- Hitting your pulse to the table.

2- The point of the pen needs to be hitted on the table.

3- The whole body of the pen needs to hit the table.

Origins And OthersEdit

Pen tapping is originally used in school but you will be in trouble when a teacher hears you. Levels are also added for fun.

Rookie- you have just started pen tapping

Expert- you are getting the hang of pen tapping.

Master- a high place or level than experts.

Legendary- The greatest level in pen tapping.

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