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This wiki includes on what is hot and what is commonly used today for fun and things.. Cool stories are also told here.

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  • discussion page Talk:Pen Tapping
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: You all are guy
  • new page Humans Can Lick Too
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: Humans Can Lick Too is an urban legend that starts with a girl left by her parents with her dog. ExtrasEdit The story starts when a girl named...
    Summary: Humans Can Lick Too
  • new page The Killer In the Backseat
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: The Killer in the Bckseat is an urban legend about a drunken woman who was saved by a stranger and tells that a man with a butcher knife is in her...
    Summary: The Killer In the Backseat
  • new page Urban Legends
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: Urban Legends are scary stories and etc that are not real and just made up. They became popular in the world. ExtrasEdit The famous urban legends...
    Summary: Urban Legends
  • new page Keep Calm And Go On
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page:   Keep Calm and Go On quotes are popular and originated in the website PINTEREST. ExtrasEdit Keep calm quotes are like this: Put "Keep Calm And..."...
    Summary: Keep Calm
  • new page Pen Spinning
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: The Best of Pen Spinning World Cup 2010 Final Round(04:22)0 views  Pen Spinning is one of the Pentrix. Unlike pen tapping, pen spinning is...
    Summary: Pen spinning
  • new page Cup Song
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: Live While We're Young- One Direction (Cup Version)(01:52)0 views   Cup Song is making beats repeatedly by using cups. Clapping and hitting the...
    Summary: Cup Song
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Celestia Mizuki


    Hello, We're excited to have What's Hot Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful t... 

    Celestia Mizuki

    Celestia Mizuki


  • new page Pen Tapping
    created by Celestia Mizuki
    New page: Pen tapping - Apologize (cover)(01:26)0 views   Pen tapping is one of the Pentrix. It shows that you will need a ballpen and tap it on the desk...
    Summary: Pen Tapping
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