Humans Can Lick too!

Humans Can Lick Too is an urban legend that starts with a girl left by her parents with her dog.


The story starts when a girl named Sophia was left by her parents with her dog to keep her company. Sophia was awared when the news said that a criminal is on the loose. She locked the doors and barricaded the windows but forgot to lock one. She went in the bedroom with her dog and she placed him under the bed. Later she woke up when she heard dripping noises. She moved her hand down and let her dog lick it for safety and she went outside and fixed the faucets. She went inside the bedroom again and slept. Later she heard it again. She let the dog lick her hand and went outside. She followed the noise and she went master's bathroom. There she saw her dog strangled on th curtain rack. And on the mirror were the dog's blood written as "Humans Can Lick Too!" The loose criminal then raped Sophia. Her parents went home and saw her dead body.

Origns And OthersEdit

The second most popular urban legend of all

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