Live While We're Young- One Direction (Cup Version)01:52

Live While We're Young- One Direction (Cup Version)


Anna Kendrick (as Beca in Pitch Perfect) plays Cup Song in an interview


Cup Song is making beats repeatedly by using cups. Clapping and hitting the cup on a surface are the basic steps to cup song.


Cup song is originally came from the PITCH PERFECT movie with the song of When I'm Gone by Anna Kendrick. It became famous worldwide when it was shown in Youtube. The video above is the cup song beat of Live While We're Young by One Direction. Nowadays, cup song is a rythym with any songs.

Origins And OthersEdit

The origins of Cup song was from the movie Pitch Perfect when Beca (Anna Kendrick) played cup song on the Barden Bella's and Treblemakers audition. The directors made its official music video with its original song "When I'm Gone."

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